Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is the Line that Never Ends

I had to run to the Secretary of State’s Office (The DMV) to get some paperwork done for the new-to-us van.  I ran Badger inside in his car seat because he was asleep when we got there.

I pulled my take-a-number tab. I was 59. The line was stuck at 34. I tried to get BB back to sleep but soon realized it would be better just to take the seat back to the car and come back in.

It was a long wait with breaks into the mostly vacant mall to allow for BB to run free. When BB was calm I did some people watching.

There was the senior version of two wild and crazy guys. They actually teamed up to get a woman to smile. I think she pretended she didn’t understand English. They also hit on the woman behind the desk for a good 20 minutes. She was cracking up.

They were all together harmless if a little vile.

I also saw a guy with huge, huge spacers in his ears. He seemed sweet enough but that just looks painful. I don’t get that or the need for white chicks to dreadlock their hair.

I get that hair is annoying but when a white girl does it she looks like she has a head covered in turds. I saw a woman buying diapers and she had dreads. I realize when you have a baby washing your hair is a pain in the ass, but who knows what ends up in that mess. Poo, spit up, blood...I don’t know and ewww.*

Not Hot... from

 At least I didn't get called up by lady that calls a number and then waits 10 seconds before calling the next number. She likes to make people run and shout.

*I cannot stand having greasy hair. It is an OCD thing. But the only time it really bugs me on other people is when I know they did it on purpose.

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