Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Brake for Yard Sales

I have a new hobby for the summer. YARD SALES. Did you know you can find stuff there. Stuff that other people have used sure, and I draw the line at any open lotions or topical female area treatments. Yes, some lady really put out a container of vag powder.

Not really sure on the thought process behind that one. "Oh, I could always say it belonged to my sister and I really don't want it in my bathroom anymore. I know I'll get a quarter for it at the yard sale." How about no, how about you open that trash bag over there and deposit it into it.

I also saw someone trying to sell an open bottle of low end -buy-it-at-Wal-Mart-for-a-1.60- lotion for 2 dollars. Just because it's old doesn't make it limited addition.

You also see some really cool stuff. Like a smoker for the grill, playhouses, and a ton of baby clothes. Badger got a nice summer wardrobe for like 12 dollars total.

I also love to get a deal. I'm a pretty reserved person but I usually will haggle at yard sales. I guess because most of the stuff that I sold at my last one got talked down at least 50 cents. It is kind of a high to get the "deal".

Badger is good with the yard sailing (haahaa pun) he likes the walking part but not so much the looking. He did manage to snag some stacking cups off a table. I ended up buying them, because unlike a store where we can just leave if he pitches a fit, the wails carry for miles if he starts up. Haha.

I am also doing better than ever. A few years ago I couldn't have looked through other peoples old stuff without needing a shower afterwards. Now, I am able pick stuff up and maybe even buy a cup of lemonade. It feels like freedom and I like it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clean House

Cleaning and organizing is very interesting when you throw OCD into the mix. You get half as much done because you have twice as many steps. Your mind has a rabid cave person at the helm when it comes to germs and chemicals. I’m trying to knock out that cave dweller because, really who wants someone at the wheel that doesn’t even know what a wheel is…come on!

Anyway part of the reason that I’m shorted tempered lately is we let our house get a little wild. If it was a yard it would be the yard in front of the falling down house, with 4 junk cars and weird steps in the middle.  So I’ve been organizing. I put boxes in closets, cleaned my desk, cleaned the kitchen and it’s still kind of crazy. We got more stuff than house.

I’m always on the verge of a breakdown, hoarders-style when I clean. On the one hand I want to keep everything because I grew up poor and I’m crafty. On the other I kind of want to throw it all away or wash all things.

It’s really difficult finding that middle point but I think I’m finally breaking through with it. My desk no longer looks like a squirrel nest. I have two boxes of craft supplies and most of my sanity. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playground and Puddles

I’ve been a stay at home mom for a full week now. Badger Baby and I are still getting accustomed to all the together time.  He is a bit more clingy than usual and I’m a little shorter with my temper but everything is starting to fall into place.

We spend more time at the playground now. Badger Baby loves the outdoors but we just can’t play in the yard too much. We rent so we have no fence to keep him away from the busy street. Of course toddlers want to see cool cars so that gets kind of tiring and frustrating for both of us.

The playground is awesome and there is a momma duck nesting under a slide structures. 

Weird place for a nest there momma.

It is kind of fun to people watch too. Badger loves to hug the other kids. Little girls and some boys love it others get a little frightened.  I try to wait a moment to step in, it is such a friendly, loving gesture that I don’t want to him to think is bad or wrong. 

Mothers and fathers certainly have a different idea of playground safety. I noticed it when the Instructor and I took Badger to the park one Saturday. He would let Badger crawl up the slides etc. and I was saying no, no.
I felt a little better when I saw a couple with their 1 and ½ year old having a similar disagreement. He was just old enough to go down a taller slide, she wanted hubby to stand at the bottom and he was like “Nah, he’s fine.”  Rinse and repeat at least four times. Ha.

He could sort of do it. 
Maybe Badger will get to chase some ducks again today. The sun finally came out after nearly 4 days of showers and fog.