Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sexy and I Know IT!

I worked a day-care for few years around the time The Instructor and I got married. He was still finishing up his MFA and I had just graduated with my MA.

I loved that little isolated  town with a limited job market dearly. But wonderful views of a majestic Great Lake within a 5 minutes walk of our apartment won’t buy the pasta.

I think working at the day-care was one of the more frustrating and rewarding jobs I've had. I hated it and loved it. It was long hours and after the kids left for the day I would have to help the other teachers clean. The smell of pee and Lysol still haunts me.

 But those kids just stole my heart. I’m really grateful to them too because they prepared me in a lot of ways for B.B. I would joke that after taking care of 4 toddlers nothing could scare me but B.B. does in his own way (mostly because at 2 am its all on me* and hubby to make it right).

Music is big with toddlers and we would have daily dance times. I would get out there on the floor with them, flapping and stomping around like a crazy person. I still have flash-back when people ask me to dance the chicken dance at weddings. I will dance like that for B.B. but I’m blissfully happy that it is no longer a public

Especially when I’ve had too many black beans on my nachos or broccoli
in my soup. IF you know what I mean.

 Thanks for reading this. You deserve a reward.

Sexy and I Know Lyrics by LMAFO

* Mostly me because I have the milk.

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