Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

My little badger may be too old to wear duckies* but he isn’t too big for bunny ears. Oh, the pictures I shall take!

The photos from last year of him in a bunny suit with bunny feet and bunny ears will always be dear to my heart. But I’m looking forward to getting a few action shots this year. 

This isn’t badger baby’s first Easter of course but it is the first when he might be vaguely excited to get a few new toys and a piece of candy. **

We are also more involved in church this year but most of those happenings take place on Saturday night. I’m more concerned about installing values through example than trying to teach meanings this year.

*According to The Instructor, I personally believe there is no age limit on a good duck themed outfit.

**Yes, I give my child candy and ice cream once in a great while. Yet he continues to eat healthy food like parsnips and carrots and apples and baaananas.

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