Friday, March 30, 2012

Drunk Cooking

The inspiration for this comic was watching My Drunk Kitchen with my co-workers on break. It is so much fun and reminds me of my good old days. Although I never attempted much with a hot stove, many of my friends would end up making pancakes. She also reminds me of my RD back in my college hay days and that’s pretty fun too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BB vs. Vacuum!

Badger Baby is currently in a feud with the vacuum. He is winning. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheese is Yummy

With the unseasonably warm weather in Michigan comes the opportunity to get outside on the weekends.

Badger Baby loves being outdoors and running and playing in the dirt and looking at birds and trying eating things off the ground and running towards traffic and trying to eating more things off the ground and throwing stuff and kicking stuff.

BB is still at the age when he is learning the world through all his senses but mostly taste. The things he has tried to eat in the last 3 days include, tissue, t.p. my cell phone, sand, cornstarch (we made oobleck), anything on mommy’s plate, potting soil, diaper cream, wipes, leaf litter* and he tried to break into the trash can.

At the same time his sense of taste is getting more refined and you can tell he likes some foods more than others. We indulge this to a point for example, if we are eating cheese he can have it but if it isn’t included on the menu, then not so much. I’m pretty sure like Baxter in Anchorman he would eat a whole wheel of cheese if we let him. Which would be interesting but I wouldn’t want to deal with that diaper.

*Not a complete list of attempts or wins.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Party in Back, Business in the Front

My beloved co-workers lost a trivia contest and the result of loosing the bet required that they wear mismatching clothes to work. Which they did in a humorous fashion (is that a pun, oh I hope so I do love being punny) One of the girls totally did not man up and came to work in her regular clothes. I’m like piffff “You are never going to be able to leave the house if you have a baby.”

I’m not known for my fashion sense. I have my own style which tends to be called to the dark side (i.e. hippy) but lately it is difficult for me to put together cute outfits on a daily basis.

I mostly just try to grab colors and patterns that don’t clash horribly and make it to work on time. I was setting out my clothes the night before and mostly still do but the results were usually the same.

Part of the issue is clothing does not fit the same way after you have a baby. I’m firmly stuck in a larger size than I’m comfortable with until I start exercising more regularly.

But even that size can be trick one brand of pants in that size hangs loosely around my hips and another I can’t even get buttoned. Don’t even get me started on the torture of different sizing because of color washes within the same brand or because of different fabrics.

Some people might just suck it up and put on the tight jeans and not eat all day. Well, that’s not for me. If I don’t eat I get grumpy and that seems unfair to my co-workers and family. I also cannot wear things that press too much on my c-section scar. That is a weird ache I just cannot deal with ever.

So, I’ll stick with the mismatched look awhile longer... it distracts from my hair.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy Cats

I love cats but sometimes you can really see their evil side.  The above drawings are based on a true story.

Number One

I got the idea for this comic from rants from mommyland and pregnant chicken posts on Top Ten Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman.

I love them so much!

I had my share of stupid comments when I was pregnant with Badger Baby. Both coming from me and coming at me.

But my least favorite observations were comments on my size. I was carrying larger than normal for two reasons. I was a bit ahem ... "curvy" before I got pregnant and I was carrying around about 50% more fluid than the average pregnant bear.

Anyway, it was fairly common for people at my workplace to come up to me and claim that I was about to burst. The emotions they use when expressing this concern ranged from worry to panic to malice. I tried to laugh it off but in reality I kind of wanted to kick everyone who came near me with that weird fear in their eyes.

What was worse is I usually had no idea who these people were other than they worked in the same building as I did and felt the need to share their concerns.

Oh, well at least they didn’t try to touch my belly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Curse You Sewing Machine!

Ok, some of my pins on pinterest might be a bit ambitous for my skill level.

I Need More Cowbell

I'm still working full time until the end of April. It wasn't my choice to go out the way I am, but that is neither here or there. The point is certain parts of my life and day are extremely frustrating, so as soon as I get in the car I blast my music and sing along. Sometimes I care if I'm at a stop light sometimes I don't worry about it. Sorry, to everyone enjoying the bright, unseasonable warm days in Michigan and having to hear my noise pollution. Sometimes you just got to rock it out and I'm 15 minutes way from Badger Baby and Hubby hugs. 

This Bear Cares!

Remember to always stay positive. Even if you are getting laid off. There is a bear farting a rainbow and holding the sun somewhere in this dark world.

Adventures with Badger Baby

As I was getting ready for work this morning I gave badger baby my phone. While I know this is not the best parenting tactic it works for me in a pinch. Anyway, BB got tired of holding it so he decided he would stick it in the only handy dandy pocket he had available to him. Thankfully his diaper was clean at the time.

T Rex Dream

I have seen a lot of T Rex humor on the interweb lately and thought I would add my two cents.
While it is hilarious to see a poor T Rex trying to put on a hat or do push-ups; I do like to see the rabbit get the Trix every now and then.