Thursday, March 22, 2012

Number One

I got the idea for this comic from rants from mommyland and pregnant chicken posts on Top Ten Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman.

I love them so much!

I had my share of stupid comments when I was pregnant with Badger Baby. Both coming from me and coming at me.

But my least favorite observations were comments on my size. I was carrying larger than normal for two reasons. I was a bit ahem ... "curvy" before I got pregnant and I was carrying around about 50% more fluid than the average pregnant bear.

Anyway, it was fairly common for people at my workplace to come up to me and claim that I was about to burst. The emotions they use when expressing this concern ranged from worry to panic to malice. I tried to laugh it off but in reality I kind of wanted to kick everyone who came near me with that weird fear in their eyes.

What was worse is I usually had no idea who these people were other than they worked in the same building as I did and felt the need to share their concerns.

Oh, well at least they didn’t try to touch my belly.

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