Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheese is Yummy

With the unseasonably warm weather in Michigan comes the opportunity to get outside on the weekends.

Badger Baby loves being outdoors and running and playing in the dirt and looking at birds and trying eating things off the ground and running towards traffic and trying to eating more things off the ground and throwing stuff and kicking stuff.

BB is still at the age when he is learning the world through all his senses but mostly taste. The things he has tried to eat in the last 3 days include, tissue, t.p. my cell phone, sand, cornstarch (we made oobleck), anything on mommy’s plate, potting soil, diaper cream, wipes, leaf litter* and he tried to break into the trash can.

At the same time his sense of taste is getting more refined and you can tell he likes some foods more than others. We indulge this to a point for example, if we are eating cheese he can have it but if it isn’t included on the menu, then not so much. I’m pretty sure like Baxter in Anchorman he would eat a whole wheel of cheese if we let him. Which would be interesting but I wouldn’t want to deal with that diaper.

*Not a complete list of attempts or wins.

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