Friday, March 23, 2012

Party in Back, Business in the Front

My beloved co-workers lost a trivia contest and the result of loosing the bet required that they wear mismatching clothes to work. Which they did in a humorous fashion (is that a pun, oh I hope so I do love being punny) One of the girls totally did not man up and came to work in her regular clothes. I’m like piffff “You are never going to be able to leave the house if you have a baby.”

I’m not known for my fashion sense. I have my own style which tends to be called to the dark side (i.e. hippy) but lately it is difficult for me to put together cute outfits on a daily basis.

I mostly just try to grab colors and patterns that don’t clash horribly and make it to work on time. I was setting out my clothes the night before and mostly still do but the results were usually the same.

Part of the issue is clothing does not fit the same way after you have a baby. I’m firmly stuck in a larger size than I’m comfortable with until I start exercising more regularly.

But even that size can be trick one brand of pants in that size hangs loosely around my hips and another I can’t even get buttoned. Don’t even get me started on the torture of different sizing because of color washes within the same brand or because of different fabrics.

Some people might just suck it up and put on the tight jeans and not eat all day. Well, that’s not for me. If I don’t eat I get grumpy and that seems unfair to my co-workers and family. I also cannot wear things that press too much on my c-section scar. That is a weird ache I just cannot deal with ever.

So, I’ll stick with the mismatched look awhile longer... it distracts from my hair.

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  1. Your illustrations make me laugh hysterically! I totally understand your mom style. Especially the hair brushing. Sometimes that extends to tooth brushing as well, but don't tell.
    Good luck figuring out clothing post-baby. The only reason it worked out for me is that I ended up with a bizarre digestive disorder and lost weight like a fiend. So all the clothes I bought post-baby, figuring I'd never get smaller than that, are too big now. (I don't wish the digestive problems on anyone but it did prompt an effective low fat diet.) Anyway, I'm rambling. Love you. Love your blog. Kiss that baby for me.