Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pain in the ...

I recently had to get a crown, to cover my root canal, after I got a cavity filled, which apparently was a deep one. Why worthy of a post? Why not? Also, the fact is I have managed with limited dental care to make it to 29 without much in the way of drilling*.

My eyes remained closed to protect them from water and tooth chunks. And scary people with pointed metal thingies.
Then boom, I hit 29,  had a kid and my teeth started falling apart. Of course he was totally worth it but wow, this was with me taking prenatals and not drinking soda. Sure when I was depressed I didn’t brush my teeth, but that was only for like a month.

Anywho, so I went to the dentist yesterday so she could finish it up before I lose my insurance. It seemed they were intent on trying to give me a panic attack. First the dentist pops on the crown says “OH WOW,” and I’m thinking WHAT, WHAT! OMG! WHAT! But she was just in awe of how it “fit perfectly”. Then I went to pay and they were like, "This costs blah blah blah twice as high as we agreed on," and I’m like what? Is that with insurance figured in? And she was like , “Lolz it's actually half that price.”

And people wonder why they don’t like going to the dentist.

A least Colorectal Doctors have a better sense of humor, "We can cancel that follow-up if you don't feel like you need to talk about your butt in two months." Sadly for him I always want to talk about my butt. 

*Ok, maybe some drilling but not the lame kind HI OH!

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