Thursday, April 19, 2012

Go-Go Gadget Cell Phone Rescue

I stayed home for the day with Badger Baby. We weren’t sick and only had one major errand to run. We woke up slowly and had some Momma/Baby cuddle time, which was wonderful..until he found my phone.

I think he wanted me to talk on it because he wacked it into my temple. As I was waiting my wits to return I grab the phone and threw it behind me. Whoops. It hit the headboard and landed under the bed in three easy pieces.

We have a king size bed, talk about first world problems. Um, I’m like so totally bummed my cell phone is like totally stuck under my giant comfy bed.

I had to get my go-go- gadget on to get that darn thing out.

I managed to go-go extento arm between the bed and headboard. Yeah, the headboard is just leaning against the wall, what of it? I managed to get the battery, and the main part of the phone, as well as a rouge pacifier, random magazine pages??!, socks, and a wash cloth. *

The back of the phone, important because it keeps the battery in without duct tape, was no where to be found. I was just getting my arm stuck and trying to think over the wails of Badger Baby.

Then I realized I was going to have to go under the bed, I cursing in my head my decision to buy grown-up bedding with a bed skirt as it landed on my head blocking out the light. Then I realized there was probably a flash light somewhere... after rummaging around for the flash light, and trying to calm BB ineffectively. I went under.

It was behind the middle post of the headboard and middle end support of the bed. And I could not reach it. I needed actual go-go gadgets. I thought about using the broom, but the last time it got stuck. Then I had it! I would push it to the end of the bed using our giant kitchen tongs.

I returned the battle well armed, pushed the plastic backing to the end of the bed. All while trying to make sure BB didn’t fall into the wall while climbing Momma like a jungle gym. **

Go-go gadget that thing out of there, put the phone together and charged it. All in time to get breakfast before Super Why.

Oh, and I left the tongs by the bed. Just so I could hear the Instructor exclaim, "Ohhh, things are going to get kinky in here." ***

* Should I clean more?...nah
** At least it calmed him down. He was laughing and having a good time at this point. 

*** Not that kinky!

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  1. Hello Molly,
    Babies do have a way of keeping us Moms on our toes, and crazy busy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment about my DIY hand sanitizer.
    Smiles, Paula