Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter candy

I gave up candy for Lent. If you didn’t give up anything I’m not judging. It was totally my choice and my sacrifice and I believe to each their own.

It was difficult Lenten season for three reasons:

1. I got some bad news and when I get bad news I need chocolate.

2. I didn’t really give up much last year due to the fact I just had a baby and I was in a special wacky places called PPD.

3 I was trying hard to be good because I felt I should really try to test my limits this year.

Well, Saturday night we could finally have sweets again (The Instructor also gave up sweets) and we end up mauling a piece of birthday cake. Then we had candy and a little more cake and some bread pudding and a little more cake. I also went on a discount candy run to Walgreens on my break at work. I’m in sugar-buzz-land and might have given myself diabetes. *

Oh, chocolate... why do you have to taste so sweet? Guess I should probably work on having some more will power. In the mean time I’ll be sitting here twitching.

Badger Baby also enjoyed Easter, he found the chocolate to be confusing at first but after he tasted it his eyes got all big. A friend also got him a basket (which he said tank euuu for)and he was carrying the candy eggs around ( with the foil on) putting them to his mouth and going mmmm guuud, then putting them back in the basket.

*Yes, I’m aware diabetes is no joke to live with, but it is fun to say in a Wilford Brimley voice.

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