Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Playground and Puddles

I’ve been a stay at home mom for a full week now. Badger Baby and I are still getting accustomed to all the together time.  He is a bit more clingy than usual and I’m a little shorter with my temper but everything is starting to fall into place.

We spend more time at the playground now. Badger Baby loves the outdoors but we just can’t play in the yard too much. We rent so we have no fence to keep him away from the busy street. Of course toddlers want to see cool cars so that gets kind of tiring and frustrating for both of us.

The playground is awesome and there is a momma duck nesting under a slide structures. 

Weird place for a nest there momma.

It is kind of fun to people watch too. Badger loves to hug the other kids. Little girls and some boys love it others get a little frightened.  I try to wait a moment to step in, it is such a friendly, loving gesture that I don’t want to him to think is bad or wrong. 

Mothers and fathers certainly have a different idea of playground safety. I noticed it when the Instructor and I took Badger to the park one Saturday. He would let Badger crawl up the slides etc. and I was saying no, no.
I felt a little better when I saw a couple with their 1 and ½ year old having a similar disagreement. He was just old enough to go down a taller slide, she wanted hubby to stand at the bottom and he was like “Nah, he’s fine.”  Rinse and repeat at least four times. Ha.

He could sort of do it. 
Maybe Badger will get to chase some ducks again today. The sun finally came out after nearly 4 days of showers and fog. 

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