Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clean House

Cleaning and organizing is very interesting when you throw OCD into the mix. You get half as much done because you have twice as many steps. Your mind has a rabid cave person at the helm when it comes to germs and chemicals. I’m trying to knock out that cave dweller because, really who wants someone at the wheel that doesn’t even know what a wheel is…come on!

Anyway part of the reason that I’m shorted tempered lately is we let our house get a little wild. If it was a yard it would be the yard in front of the falling down house, with 4 junk cars and weird steps in the middle.  So I’ve been organizing. I put boxes in closets, cleaned my desk, cleaned the kitchen and it’s still kind of crazy. We got more stuff than house.

I’m always on the verge of a breakdown, hoarders-style when I clean. On the one hand I want to keep everything because I grew up poor and I’m crafty. On the other I kind of want to throw it all away or wash all things.

It’s really difficult finding that middle point but I think I’m finally breaking through with it. My desk no longer looks like a squirrel nest. I have two boxes of craft supplies and most of my sanity. 

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