Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spots, dots, Polka dot

We are going through a bout of summer illness and it isn’t much fun. First the weather was way hot and now this.

Little Badger had hand, foot and mouth. We thought we were bad parents because we kept him up late to go to the drive-in movies. I swear I thought he would fall asleep in the back on the blanket bed I made. But it was really the dread pirate* illness of hand, foot and mouth.  Oh well at least I can feel better about dragging him to the movies.

Fun Fact 1: The virus is contagious 2 days before symptoms are apparent.

Fun Fact 2: It is yucky!

*Not actually a disease widely spread by pirates, more common with grubby, pirate-like toddlers, so like all of them.

He is healing fairly quickly and now he is getting frustrated with Mama because, now I’m sick. I’m really hoping I got exposed to hand, foot, and mouth at the daycare.

Since we cannot have our typical fun time dance party. 

I've come up with a list of fun games to play while ill and cowering on the futon, while trying not to get kicked in the head by a pirate or ninja baby.

Mommy is sleeping try not to wake her up. No actually sleeping involved, however you do get to rest your eyes for about 5 seconds

Mommy is a mountain.  This allows your toddler to happily climb while possibly giving you kidney damage and/or a concussion.

Mommy is throwing some s*%#. Look a ball, you should get that and possibly not throw it back at my head.

Oh, look PBS offers several hours of quality programming. Let’s rot our brains together. Yay! Bonding! Every show but Barney… he is dead to me. I don’t think you know the song. I’ll sing it to you when you are older, except you won’t know what I’m talking about because Barney doesn’t exists.

Let’s lay on the floor and color or build with blocks.

Pretend this is the floor with blocks, and crayons and ABC  goldfish. Yeah, I don't mean they are shaped like ABCs I mean like old bubble gum.
Tickle time and kissy face. Your toddler wants to make you feel better and does not understand the concept of germs. Wheee! 

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