Friday, July 13, 2012


Super Summer Fruit Latte

1 packet of Mocafe Matcha Green Tea
6 oz of milk
6 strawberries
 2 peaches
1 banana
¼ cup of vanilla yogurt

Optional – 1/8 cup of chocolate or white chocolate chips

Blend the tea packet and milk first.  Chop up fruit and add to mixture, blend more. Add yogurt to thicken mixture, blend. Add chocolate or white chocolate chips.

Pour into a glass and enjoy a super fun dance party in your mouth. 
This drink can be kind of a funky green after you add the fruit, so it might be a good idea to add a few drops of green dye. I didn’t mind the color and preferred to keep it a little more natural.
Add more yogurt for a creamier drink.
I thought that the powder smelled kind of like chocolate when I pour it in the blender.

I really did enjoy the drink and hope you do as well. I think they should totally serve it at Biggby Coffee! Thanks to Mocafe for provided me with the sample.

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